humbuzz: photos

2003-02-01 issue of The Times Magazine 

[717x1024 JPEG, 82511 bytes] magazine cover featuring Annette

[800x670 JPEG, 47138 bytes] inset image of Venus Hum from page 18

my collection of Venus Hum swag 

[661x600 JPEG, 27982 bytes] the first t-shirt

[800x245 JPEG, 28593 bytes] detail of the design on the first t-shirt

[693x600 JPEG, 32212 bytes] the second t-shirt (my favorite design so far)

[469x600 JPEG, 31438 bytes] detail of the design on the second t-shirt

[513x441 JPEG, 22346 bytes] a promotional matchbook from 2002 (front)

[498x444 JPEG, 23447 bytes] the back of the same matchbook

photos from the 2002-05-11 show at 12th and Porter 

[800x600 JPEG, 13634 bytes] There were some nifty cardboard trees and buildings used as stage dressing.

[800x600 JPEG, 39200 bytes] I love the little smoke detail on that building.

[800x600 JPEG, 19739 bytes] Annette, queen of the forest

[800x600 JPEG, 48279 bytes] Kip, towering over the city

[800x600 JPEG, 25735 bytes] Motion. That's what this show is all about.

[800x600 JPEG, 18656 bytes] That blur in the foreground is Annette. That blur with the tie is Tony.

photos from the 2002-10-05 show at 12th and Porter 

[800x600 JPEG, 20370 bytes] Kip surrounded on all sides by gear

[800x600 JPEG, 19848 bytes] This is the magic box. It has many wires and blinkenlights.

[800x600 JPEG, 9529 bytes] I like the new road cases.

[800x600 JPEG, 19732 bytes] The magic box allows Tony to move with superhuman speed.

[800x600 JPEG, 17102 bytes] Two-fisted Powerbook action!

[800x600 JPEG, 18038 bytes] Annette in a lovely outfit that didn't want to stay in one piece...

[800x600 JPEG, 13611 bytes] Tony workin' those buttons like he means it

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